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Our products designed to help you make your life easy and healther all our products are based on advanced technology with easy to use interface for application we promises to make our environment , our homes and offices and vehicles , industries smarter our products are flexible, secure, realiable and efficient , we guarantee you to deliver our best our product fulfill requirements that satisfy the needs, desires of each and every customer people trust us and over hundreds of people use every day.



Home fires have been taking place frequently and the threat to human lives and properties is growing in recent years. Liquid Petroleum Gas is high inflammable and can burn even at some distance from the source of leakage. Most fire accidents are caused because of a poor quality rubber tube or regulator is not turned off when not in use. This may cause the Cylinder blast. So developing the gas leakage alert system is very essential. Therefore gas leakage alert system LPGiCon has been introduced to overcome this problem.

Detects leakage of gases and helps to

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Basically SmartiCon is a smart home device. It controls and handle the devices like light, fan etc. All the devices that are connected to the internet can be accessed at any place and any time. The status of the appliances (ON/OFF) is controlled by the switch using the mobile application.

control your all home appliances with your mobile device by installing Smarticon with nextacontroller app

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the drastic evolution in the field Internet of Things (IoT) made this possible to monitor the amount of toxic substances in air particles. The objective is to develop a system which can sense the amount of toxic particles in air using the AirTcon

Airtcon sense the amount of toxic particles in air

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We are designing and developing a low cost system for real time monitoring of the water quality in IOT(internet of things). The system consist of several sensors is used to measuring physical and chemical parameters of the water. The pH value is a good indicator of whether water is hard or soft.

WaterTCon used to measuring physical and chemical parameters of the water.monitor pH value of water.

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